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Why choose us?

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill is committed to high quality education for every child through thorough knowledge of each student’s needs. Our committed and passionate teachers work together to encourage children’s passions as we grow learning outcomes, faith and wellbeing for all.

We set high academic and behavioural expectations for students. The school has modern learning spaces and large areas to play, reflect and explore. A strong partnership with parents and parish ensures a caring community is involved in educating children and sharing with them the love of God.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill, a Catholic co-educational school renowned for being a welcoming, inclusive, Christian community. We deliver high quality education because we understand every student’s needs. Our committed teachers, in close partnership with parents and parish, encourage children’s passions and interests as we grow learning outcomes, faith and wellbeing for all.

We set high academic and behavioural expectations for our students and support them with modern learning spaces and large open areas to play, reflect and explore. With a proud tradition of educational excellence, our dedicated and professional teaching and support staff team work collaboratively to ensure each child receives the best educational program possible. The Newman Gifted Education program, specialist creative arts programs and a variety of sporting opportunities are also offered at the school.

As our school motto “Enflame Our Hearts” describes, we are people — young and old — enflamed by the Spirit of Jesus in our lives and actions. We aim to create a caring, safe and supportive environment with strong wellbeing programs based on respect, empathy, compassion, justice, relationships and resilience so that each child may flourish.

As principal at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, I invite you to come and visit our school to see all the wonderful opportunities on offer.

May God, the Holy Spirit, enflame your hearts!

Brother Nicholas Harsas, fsp

Principals sitting outside with two students having a conversation

Principal and two students sitting in a garden in front of a statue of JesusHistory

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill was established in 2002 during the development of the Carnes Hill parish. The school rapidly grew from 42 enrolments to its anticipated 640 students after the completion of the building program in October 2010. Today, over 46 cultural groups make up the mosaic of our school community, with the majority of students and families from a language background other than English.


Our school is named after and has a special devotion to the Holy Spirit, present and real in our lives. The Holy Spirit, in Saint John’s Gospel, is called the Advocate, the one who walks with us and ‘enflames our hearts.’ We are constantly reminded that Christ is with us as we learn and live in a spirit-filled community embedded in prayer, liturgy, signs, symbols, Gospel values and our Catholic tradition.

Two students standing in front of school motto - enflame our hearts
In partnership with our parish and parents, our mission is to empower children to make a difference in their world by loving and knowing God, living and celebrating our Catholic faith and learning together for life. Our motto “Enflame our Hearts” identifies the most important aspect of the educational process. We want our children, and indeed our community, to have heart, to be enflamed with passion and conviction, to be intense, to have their imaginations set alight and kindled by emotion, with intensity and with purpose.

Mission: To know and love Christ through learning.

Vision: Enflamed by the Holy Spirit, we live the Gospel through excellent teaching and learning. 

Values: truth, empathy, excellence, curiosity, collaboration, empowerment, responsibility, welcome, respect. 

Girl in uniform holding and looking at a small cross

We work closely with Holy Spirit Parish Carnes Hill to foster a strong sense of Catholic community among our students and families. The school is an active participant in the evangelising mission of the Church and we regularly celebrate our faith together.

Parish Priest
Fr Joseph Le Van Trong

Mass Times
Monday – Friday: 9.00am
Saturday Vigil: 5.30pm
Sunday: 8.00am, 10.00am and 5.30pm

A: 25 Main Street Carnes Hill NSW 2171
P: (02) 9826 8977
E: admin@hspch.org.au

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