Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School kindergarten pupils went back to the future on Thursday celebrating their 100th day of learning by dressing up as if they were 100-years-old.

Grey hair, canes, head scarfs and glasses were the fashionable choices for pupils and students of the Carnes Hill-based school.

The day consisted of fun activities that followed the theme of 100 in literacy, numeracy and sport.

“This year has been the most challenging year for all schools but our kindergarten students have continued to work very hard over the past 100 days, it seems nothing will interfere with their learning – not even a pandemic,” principal Brother Nicholas Harsas said.

“The kindergarten teachers are very proud of their students reaching 100 days of big school and are so proud of the achievement of their students this year and their engagement with learning and enjoyment of school, even with all of the COVID-19 disruptions and months of remote learning away from school.”

This article first appeared in the Liverpool Champion.